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Wraparound Facilitator

Company: MHMR Tarrant
Location: Fort Worth
Posted on: May 27, 2023

Job Description:

Pay is determined by relevant experience, work history, education and internal equities. As part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices, MHMR offers the maximum compensation for candidates based on their experience, education and internal equities of the agency. This practice removes biases in compensation and assist hires and/or promotions on pay equity in their appropriate position(s) at MHMR.
The Average Salary for this position is 24.03
Job Purpose
The YES Waiver Wraparound Facilitator functions as the clinical piece of the Wraparound treatment team in partnership with the service provider agency (Currently: Youth Advocacy Program, Covenant Kids and Texas Initiative Program), and provides individualized, trauma-informed, culturally, and linguistically competent services for youth and their caregivers. The YES Waiver Wraparound Facilitator will facilitate the Wraparound process as a part of that treatment team and will provide ongoing, intensive Wraparound services to assist YES waiver participants with a mental health disability in gaining access to medical, social, vocational, financial, educational, and other needed services. The job responsibilities require use of initiative and independent judgment to provide intervention in the community with the individuals assigned, their families and service providers. The YES Waiver Wraparound Facilitator is responsible to the youth's clinical treatment team and the MH Essential Services Division. The MH Wraparound Facilitator will make themselves available during business hours to assist the ICARE team in 24-hour crisis management for Waiver participant.
Essential Functions
Performs on-going outreach activities with assigned youth
Makes contact with youth in crisis or non-crisis youth within 48 hours following assignment to caseload.
Initiates and/or coordinates and authorizes appropriate resources/ services to meet the needs of youth/LAR 100% of the time.
Documents all outreach transactions with or on behalf of the youth/LAR in accordance to standards and billing requirements 100% of the time.
The Wraparound Facilitator has the ultimate responsibility for Treatment planning, Development of YES service array, YES service array projection and all Wraparound documentation.
The Wraparound Facilitator has the responsibility of coordinating the agreed upon services and supports identified by the Waiver participant's treatment team, recover plan and YES service array.
The Wraparound Facilitator must monitor compliance to the overall recovery plan, including the YES service array, Waiver participant health and welfare, and assess how well services are meeting a Waiver participant's needs and enabling the Waiver participant to achieve the states goals and outcomes.
The Wraparound Facilitator initiates updates to the YES service array in coordination with the treatment team. The Wraparound Facilitator coordinates treatment planning by contacting the selected Waiver Provider and scheduling a meeting location, date, and time.
The Wraparound Facilitator and Waiver Provider must include information obtained from the Waiver participant and the LAR regarding the Waiver participant's strengths, needs, natural supports, responsiveness to previous treatment, as well as, preferences for and objections to specific treatment.
The Wraparound Facilitator must also identify the LAR or family member's needs for education and support services related to the Waiver participant's emotional disturbance and facilitate the LAR or family member's receipt of the needed education and support services.
The Wraparound Facilitator and Waiver Provider must involve the Waiver participant and the LAR in all aspects of planning the Waiver participant's treatment. If the Waiver participant has requested the involvement of additional team members, then the Wraparound Facilitator and Waiver Provider must involve the specified person who agrees to participate, in all aspects of planning the Waiver participant's treatment.
The Wraparound Facilitator must be able to be flexible in scheduling. Flex time fluctuates between 8am and 8pm Monday-Friday to accommodate families.
Identifies and coordinates services to assigned youth
Ensures that 95% of caseload has a current Uniform Assessment (UAP) updated as standards require.
Provides Wraparound services to assigned youth, that is supportive and beneficial in assisting the youth to overcome daily living problems 100% of time.
Ensures that 95% of caseload has a current recovery plan which addresses needs, utilizes personal strengths, natural support resources and community service agencies. The plan is developed within 7 days of assignment. The plan is updated/reviewed every 90 days or in accordance to standards. The recovery plan is completed and reviewed with the youth and family. (RAJ youth will be seen within 7 days of state hospital discharge and their service coordination plans reviewed within 30 days and quarterly thereafter, or as delineated in specific program policy).
Ensures that 100% of the recovery plan is implemented as written.
Identifies barriers to implementation of treatment plan and takes initiative for resolution 100% of time. Will inform the youth's clinical treatment team and supervisor of barriers to resolve youth needs in order to obtain assistance and/or guidance 100% of time.
Documents all services with or on behalf of each assigned youth. Completes a progress note and turns it in for filing with a daily SAL by 5:00pm the next business day. Turns in all progress notes, Recovery Plans, UAP and Fee Assessments in accordance to standards and billing requirements 100% of the time.
Maintains regular contact with each assigned youth to monitor responses to services and identified problem areas
The Targeted Wraparound Facilitator will provide Wraparound services at the intensive level. For example, the average expected utilization of intensive case management under RDM is 24 hours per every 90 days.
Per the Wraparound standards, the Wraparound Facilitator must meet in person with the Waiver participant at least once a month with the youth and family team.
The Wraparound Facilitator shall make contact with the Waiver participant's LAR no less than once every 90 days.
At least once every 90 days, or more frequently if clinically indicated, the Targeted Wraparound Facilitator must review each Waiver participant's Recovery Plan and YES Service Array to assess the appropriateness and adequacy of the services as each Waiver participant's needs change. An updated YES Service Array must be submitted to DSHS for approval at least every 90 days. The purpose of the required contacts is to verify the following:
the Safety Plan and Crisis Plan is working as intended;
services and supports are being implemented and provided in accordance with the YES Service Array and continue to meet the Waiver recipient's needs, goals, and preferences;
the Waiver participant and LAR are satisfied with the implementation of services;
the Waiver participant's health and welfare are reasonably assured; and
the Waiver participant or LAR exercises free choice of Waiver Providers and accesses Non-Waiver services including health services.
Serves as active member of unit and/or youth's clinical treatment team
Attends all staff meetings and treatment team meetings as directed and scheduled 90% of time.
Keeps the youth's clinical treatment team, and supervisor informed of all critical youth issues and barriers 100% of time.
Requests consultation with supervisor and/or youth's clinical treatment team in order to inform team of service gaps and Wraparound problems 100% of time.
Participates in problem solving, crisis management and other team activities as directed 95% of time.
Participates in special projects as assigned 100% of time.
Participates in 24 hr. access services for Youth
Wraparound facilitator will create crisis/safety plan at enrollment with youth and family to give the family options for dealing with crisis situations (crisis as defined by the family).
Wraparound facilitator will make families aware of ICARE Call Center. This is a 24-Hour Crisis Hotline that can be utilized by all families when they are in immediate need of care during a Mental Health Crisis.
Carries assigned phone and ensures that equipment is operational 100% of time.
Informs appropriate Youth staff, Service Provider Staff, Clinical Supervisor and/or appropriate administrative staff of pending problems and emergency situations according to unit and agency procedures 100% of time.
Documents all emergency situations within 24 hours and/or according to agency procedures 100% of time.
Notifies all team members of crisis situations within 24 hours of knowledge of the situation.
Maintains all documentation in accordance to community standards, agency policy and procedures and billing requirements
Documents 100% of transactions with or on behalf of youth according to agency standards within 24 hours or as directed by supervisor and in accordance to agency billing requirements.
Ensures no less than 95% of caseload charts have all appropriate forms as outlined in agency charting policies and procedures (i.e., Fee Agreements, CARE forms, Registration, Youth Rights Handbook form, and proper consents).
Maintains required productivity standards
40% of Wraparound Facilitator's time must be direct time face-to-face with youth/LAR.
75% of Wraparound Facilitator's direct time with youth/LAR must be providing billable services.
Persistently maintain a culturally competent and culturally sensitive environment in work locations for all youth and caregiver engagement at all times. Staff member is expected to behave in a culturally sensitive manner in all professional environments, regardless of location.
Work as a Member of Behavioral Health Team
Attend all scheduled staff meetings.
Provide input and engage in problem solving with other team members.
Serve on provider services/agency workgroups as agreed upon by Director.
Maintain positive, professional attitude in interactions with other team members 100% of the time.
Adopt trauma-informed practices into every level of operations and encounters through active involvement in the MHMR Tarrant Trauma-Informed Care transformation.
Complete and maintain all required training
Complete all agency-required training within first 60 days of hire.
Complete all required MHMR Tarrant training and maintain current training status.
Complete all required program-specific and role-specific training and maintain current training status.
Complete training updates as specified under agency procedures and maintains current status.
Obtain prior authorization from Director for special training at least two weeks in advance
Performance standards are performed as applicable with MHMR's We CARE values
We Connect People in Our Community.
We Provide Access to Services.
We Link People to Resources.
We Empower People.
Exhibit a willingness to assume additional duties
Perform other job duties or responsibilities as requested or assigned.
Seek the guidance of Director or appointed expert when needing assistance with an unfamiliar assignment.
Proactively identify beneficial resources and trainings to enhance leadership abilities and personal growth.
Knowledge of Laws, Regulations, Policies/Procedures, Skills, and Abilities
Demonstrate effective organizational, time management, and communication skills
Self-motivated and self-directed, demonstrating the ability to work autonomously
Ability to engage individuals in services, while maintaining appropriate professional boundaries
Ability to work in a non-judgmental manner with individuals and coworkers whose belief systems may be based on values different from those of the employee
Articulate clearly and concisely both in verbal and written modes
Ability to work as a member of a multidisciplinary treatment team
Ability to accept direction and make constructive use of professional and clinical supervision
Ability to apply DSM-V and ICD-10 diagnostic criteria to special populations
Adhere to code of ethics for licensure and credentialing
Knowledge of family systems theory and application.
Knowledge of social ecological theory and application.
Knowledge of behavioral therapies theory and application.
Knowledge of cognitive-behavioral therapy theory and application.
Knowledge of pragmatic family therapies theory and application.
Knowledge of child development research and its application in treatment.
Knowledge of social skills assessment and intervention.
Knowledge of laws, regulations and policies/procedures including (but not limited to):
MHMR Tarrant Standards, Policies, and Procedures
Federal and State privacy laws including HIPAA
Contracts and grants for funded-programs
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Texas Department of Criminal Justice TCOOMMI Standards, Requirements, and Procedures
Tarrant County and Local Criminal Justice Divisions, Programs, and Services
Texas Department of Labor Regulations
Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)
Texas Health and Human Services (HHSC)
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA)
Tarrant County Medical Education and Research Foundation (TCMERF)
Texas Laws Related to Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities
Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS)
Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) Standards
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Standards (DFPS)
Texas Administrative Code (TAC)
National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Standards
Home and Community-based Services (HSC) Guidelines
Medicaid Rehabilitative Services Rules/Regulations
Third Party Payer Requirements and Procedures
Life Safety Codes
Emergency Preparedness and All Hazard Plan including: Agency, Local, State, and Federal
Community Standards
DSM-V and ICD-10
FAIR Policies/Procedures
Yes Waiver Policies/Procedures and Guidelines
Wraparound Policies/Procedures and Guidelines
Internal & External Customer Service
This position requires extensive internal and external contacts with individuals served, family members, significant others, inter- and intra-agency staff, service providers, and practitioners. The employee will accomplish this with exceptional written and verbal skills. Contacts may include, but not limited to, answering phone calls and emails within one business day and conducting self professionally in all interactions.
This position may require significant travel within Tarrant County. A company vehicle may be available, or you may be expected to use your personal vehicle. Staff is responsible for maintaining accurate records and submitting these on time in order to receive compensation allowed as determined by division and agency policy. Staff is responsible to pay, in full, any traffic tickets and fines for traffic violations while working. Tickets received by agency due to a staff's traffic violation, while driving a company vehicle, are deducted from staff paycheck.
This position requires frequent travel to agency program sites.
This position requires frequent travel to community and residential sites.
This position requires occasional transport of agency employees and individuals served.
This position requires occasional overnight state-wide travel.
This position requires travel in personal and agency vehicles.
This position requires completion and regular updates of agency approved Defensive Driving training.
Equipment Used
Personal and/or Agency Vehicles
Computer, Laptop, and/or Tablet
Multi-Line Telephone and Mobile Phone (including smartphone and mobile hotspot)
Copy, Scan, Print, and Fax Machine/Equipment
Household Appliances
Other General and Site-Specific and Office Equipment
Other equipment related to training needs of staff and individuals served
Staff member is responsible to report lost, stolen, or broken equipment to supervisor immediately
Minimum Requirements
Bachelor's Degree
One years of experience in the healthcare field.
One years of direct care experience.
Valid Texas Driver's License with good driving record, liability insurance and reliable transportation

  • Additional Requirements
    • This position may require temporary or permanent re-assignment to any MHMR Tarrant office, location, or facility as determined by program needs or the Division Director.
      • Assigned work hours may change as the needs of the agency change.
        • The Functional Title of this position may change as the needs of the agency change.
          • All work will be completed within the scheduled work hours. No work is done off the clock.
            • Prior approval from supervisor is required for all Planned Time Off (PTO) and Overtime.
              • Agency dress code is to be followed at all times.
                • Special Courses, Certifications, and Licenses:
                  Our total rewards program offers benefits* to full time employees beginning 1st of the month following hire date including but not limited to:
                  --- Comprehensive healthcare options (Medical, Dental, and Vision)
                  --- Life insurance and additional supplemental accident and hospitalization plans
                  --- 401a match and 457 deferred compensation plans
                  --- Paid vacation and holidays; varied flexible work environment locations
                  --- Annual tuition reimbursement program
                  --- Student Loan Forgiveness
                  --- Professional development programs and training
                  --- And more.....
                  Insurance eligibility:
                  --- Full time employees begin 1st of the month following hire date
                  --- Market driven positions (full time or part time) begin immediately after hire date
                  --- Select part time market driven positions are eligible for most insurance plans
                  --- Substitute status jobs are not eligible for benefits
                  For more information, click
                  Additional Information
                  *MHMR of Tarrant County ("MHMR") and its affiliates and subsidiaries have an internal recruiting department. MHMR may supplement that internal capability from time to time with assistance from temporary staffing agencies, placement services, and professional recruiters herein after referred to collectively as "Recruiters"). Recruiters are hereby specifically directed NOT to contact MHMR employees directly in an attempt to present candidates - MHMR recruiting team or other authorized MHMR personnel must present ALL candidates to hiring managers. For more information please visit our website

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